Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy declaration (‘Privacy Policy’) is intend for the reassurance of our customers to ensure that the details provided in our web site (‘Site’) will be processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. By using our site you are presumed to be agreeing to this privacy policy.

Your IP Address

We may store Your IP address temporarily on Our systems in order to ensure that You are able to access our Site correctly. Your IP address may also be used by Us in aggregate to provide Us with statistical information regarding Our client base. In cases of suspected criminal use of such IP address We have the duty to report such possible fraudulent activity and pass on information to the police.


A cookie is a small piece of data which may be sent from Our web server to Your computer. The cookie cannot harm Your machine. This information helps Our web server track such things as Your user preferences and data that You may submit while browsing the site. The use of cookies enables Our Site to become more interactive with its You, especially on future visits.

Personal Information Obtained Directly from You

By using the services on Our Site You may be required to provide Your Personal Information. All this information is stored securely and is not disclosed to any third parties who do not have a legitimate right to receive it.

Statistical Information Gathered Through Your Usage of Our Site

By accessing our Site You and Our other Customers provide us with statistical data which is not personal information and does not identify You as our Customer. Such statistical data may be shared by Us with third party promoters, advertisers and investors who may wish to collaborate with us on projects through the Site. Your anonymity in such cases is guaranteed. Your Personal Information as Our Customer will not be shared, sold or leased out to any third parties unless as strictly required by law enforcement agencies.

Third Party Promoted Sites and their Privacy Policies

Our Site may contain links to other sites from time to time. We shall not be held responsible for the privacy policies and practices or the content third party sites. Each third party site is governed by its own privacy practices which may differ from Our Site's Privacy Policy. It is strongly recommended that upon visiting a third party site You access their privacy policy and inform Yourself accordingly on the usage of that site.

Should You have any questions or concerns about Our Privacy Policy and related practices or Your transactions with Our Site, You are encouraged to contact Us at


We endeavour to maintain security measures in place to protect against the loss, tampering and alteration of Customer Personal Information which You provide on Our Site. We advise You that the Internet is not entirely secure, and Your Customer Personal Information may therefore be subject to unlawful interception or packet loss beyond Our control. Therefore We assume no responsibility or liability for disclosure of Customer Personal Information due to downtime in transmission, unlawful interception by third parties or other causes beyond Our reasonable control.

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