Allchem Ltd. was founded in October 1987, as a one man business primarily to bottle domestic bleach. Since then, the Company has gone through a program of rapid expansion and today is involved in the production of several products in the Chemical and Packaging industry.
Our chemical section specializes in the production of Sodium Hypochlorite with the only Chlorinating plant in Malta, producing up to 16% Sodium Hypochlorite.

In 1995, Allchem Ltd. became involved in the production of plastic bottles and today hold the largest production facility in Malta with capacity ranging from 30 ml up to 5 liter jerry cans. Our plastics section is also equipped with its own tool room facilities, whereby apart from manufacturing our own tools, we also offer our engineering services to other companies.

Allchem Ltd. enjoys a positive future and is always keen to seek new business horizons for further growth.

Something to Offer ...
Ours is a reputation to be proud of. We are well known to create, and never imitate. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, we know exactly what the client needs at first sight. We create a concept, an idea and we work on it. We discuss feasibility and market research. We select carefully the ingredients to be used for the specific formulation, thus giving beyond what our client had requested. The selection of the fragrance is very critical indeed, it reflects the character of the product and in most cases it also controls the final cost. That is why we have the best team of dedicated professionals in the industry. We create a product always with the customer in mind, knowing at which market level the product will compete, so what we create will be the leading in it’s category.

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